About M+E and Contact

Matt and Emer are two Canadians taking off to explore the globe together. Both always harboured desires to travel and experience the world. Then one day, outdoor-nature-loving Matt and urban-culture-craving Emer realized that they were both in their 30’s with no mortgage, no children, and no time like the present to do it! So they packed up their life in Toronto and set off with a one-way ticket to India. With little more than a vague list of desired sites to see, this travel blog chronicles the Adventures with M.E.

If you have a comment, travel tip, or place you’d like us to visit, please send us a message via the form below or at mattandemer@gmail.com.


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On Facebook, Twitter (@AnAdventureWith), or Instagram (@AnAdventureWith)

Emer’s Instagram is @the1emer, Twitter is @skemer, and her website is www.emerschlosser.com


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