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Bangkok Cooking Class

One of my Thai highlights took place on the morning before we departed. It was a cooking class through Maliwan cooking school and it was great! The school was a little hard to find (down winding alleys), but when we did, we were impressed with the professional and friendly people.

thai cooking class

We began with an informative tour of a local market where we learned about not only the ingredients for our dishes, but many other fruits, veggies, pastes, and fish.

mini eggplant aubergine bangkok market thailand food travel

food vegetables wet market bangkok thailand travel food

chilies wet market bangkok thailand

curry paste wet market bangkok thailand

limes wet market bangkok thailand

bananas market bangkok thailand

eels wet market bangkok thailand

Once we were back we each had our own stations and learned how to make Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Green Curry Paste, Green Curry, and Mango with Sticky Rice. What I was astonished by was the speed at which the dishes were created, very intimidating. It was also cool to learn how cues for next steps were based on change in aroma rather than set times. The instructor led us carefully through each dish, letting us taste, understand, ask questions, and adjust ingredients depending on our tastes. How hot do you like your tom yum?

tom yum soup thai food

pad thai food

green curry thai food

mango sticky rice dessert thai food

Yum, yum, yum, and yum. I cannot wait to try these recipes at home!!!

emer schlosser thai cooking class bangkok thailand food


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