anyar estate private villa bumbak balii indonesia travel accommodation pool emer schlosser

Back to Bali

M:  After leaving Gili T ahead of schedule, we set off back to Bali.  We had made arrangements with Scallywags Resorts to be transfered over to their sister property, The Anyar Estate.  The trip started on a packed boat where I picked the wrong side to sit on, and was subsequently trapped in a seat in direct sunlight for the first leg of the journey.  As I sat there in an uncomfortable-steaming-with-sweat-melting-like-state, I kept thinking how I could not wait for this boat ride to be over.  When eventually I suctioned myself out of my sticky seat and got up to use the bathroom and stretch my legs, I realized there were a couple spots near the motors that provided shade at the small cost of close proximity to the deafening roar from the engines.  As I was considering the trade off, one of the crew open a cooler full of beer and to sell for a reasonable price. Therefore, I spent the rest of the ride quite happily sitting in the noisy shade, beer in hand.

ocean echo beach bali indonesia travel water

Once back Bali side we were treated to another cab ride that took hours longer than it should have due to extreme traffic jams.  I am amazed at how such a small population can clog roads in such fashions, but they do. But the more we moved the more roads improved and we were finally approaching our new home.  It was, however, surprising that the closer we got, the more rural and run down the surroundings seemed to be. I am sure we were all thinking “uh oh… not this again.”  Then the driver stopped outside a very small and unassuming building in Bumbak and informed us that we had arrived.  I’m fairly certain all three of us got out of the van in the same state of shock and disbelief hoping that there had to be something more to it than this nothing-seeming entrance.  Thankfully there was. They opened the side gate, took us down an alley, and into our beautiful private villa.  It was absolutely gorgeous! An outdoor eating area, kitchen, pool, and gazebo which was just one big lounging cushioned area.

anyar estate private villa bumbak balii indonesia travel accommodation pool

We had the most delightful private chef who came to cook us breakfast every morning, and even a couple of other meals too.  The immediate surrounding area left something to be desired, but to be honest, we didn’t have much need to leave our abode (especially since the ladies still weren’t feeling 100%).

anyar estate private villa bumbak balii indonesia travel accommodation

The one time we did venture out it was to nearby Echo Beach. TRAVEL TIP: Any taxi will take you there, but only local taxis can take you out at double the price. Alternatively one could walk out of the Echo Beach area in search of a regaulr cab, but we were given vague and various distances and with the ladies still not 100% we sucked up the mark up. That aside, when at Echo, we did enjoy a decent ocean-side meal where we watched surfers (and wannabe surfers) tackle the waves. So in conclusion, the area of Bumbak wasn’t super appealing, but Anyar Estate definitely was, and with enough appeal to draw one back again.

ocean echo beach bali indonesia travel water

E: I was still sick. It still sucked…this was the best and worst place to be sick. Best because it was so comfortable, worst because I couldn’t fully enjoy the wonderful comforts (like what was quite possibly the world’s comfiest chair, see below).

anyar estate private villa bumbak balii indonesia travel accommodation


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