Spice of Life

We unexpectantly, but very pleasantly found ourselves at the all organic Sahakari Spice Farm on our way out of Goa. We were greeted with floral garlands and had bright pink bindi pressed with powder onto our foreheads.



After a very tasty welcome tea made of lemongrass, cardamom, and cinnamon we were taken on a tour by a very knowledgeable guide with a fantastic sense of humour and deadpan delivery. I read articles on super foods and what fruit and vegetables can do for you, but I hadn’t known the vast amount of medical purposes spices possess – nor how many have narcotic-qualities when taken in large doses. For example: tumeric can be use as a disinfectant and will stop bleeding from a wound; pepper in your tea will cure constipation; lemongrass on your forehead will bring on sleep; nutmeg can be used as an aphrodesiac – but too much and it turns into a drowsy drug – and if you combine it with lime, honey, and water (or milk, we can’t remember) you can make a paste to apply to areas with gout grievences.


Along the way we crossed paths with a lovely elephant on her way to a bath.


The tour concluded with a buffet lunch – it’s nothing special to look at but was tasty enough. The glass in the corner of the food pic had previously been filled with Feni – a liquor made from cashews produced exclusively in Goa.


Apparently one’s trip to Goa is considered incomplete if you leaves without doing a shot. Supposedly it is very good for you, and like many things that are good for you, it tastes just terrible! Regardless, it was apparent to our guide that Matt was the type of guy who could handle a second shot…



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