goa india

Goa is Grrreat

Landing in Goa immediately lifted our spirits! We’re surrounded by all sorts of vegetation, staying in a sweet family-run guest house with a quick and easy walk to the beach (which comes out right at a beach bar called Rex’s, which we’ve grown to enjoy sipping fresh lime and sodas while laying back and catching a sunset). We’re in Benaulim Beach, which is basically Florida for Brits – we’re among the minority in terms of age demographics, but this retirement pace has been perfect for us to recalibrate.

benaulim beach goa india

It may not look like much, but damn if it wasn’t delicious! The Hideout had one of the best meals we’ve had so far – a perfect chicken tikka masala sopped up with glistening butter roti, which we could see them make fresh on a grill right behind us.

hideout restaurant and bar in benaulim beach goa india

hide our restaurant and bar benaulim beach goa india

One day we went into nearby Margao and had a wander through their market. It was tightly packed and had on offer everything from rice and spice to flower garlands and fireworks. Matt made friends with a particularly keen jewellery seller who kept insisting she was giving us a good price – not the price she gives Russians or Germans. We’ve been scoping out jewellery, and while there are many stunning pieces, we have yet to enter into the pre-buying bargaining stage with anyone.






It would be easy to stay here longer, relaxing and soaking up the beach life (Emer’s even getting the hang of haggling – she talked a taxi down 4,000 rupees, which would be about $80 Canadian, but then opted for a bus ticket instead), but we’re prepping to move onward and inward to Hampi – an old temple town we’re continuously being told cannot be missed.



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