Are You Kidding Me?!

I expected this from India, Not you England…. Not you.

As we set sail for the distant shores of India, it was hard to know just what the trip had coming for us. What I was pretty sure about was that before we got to India, we had a week in England to relax and visit with family and friends before heading on the hustle and bustle and craziness of Asia….. Or so I thought!

The days in England did not prove to be as relaxing as I had hoped, as each friend along the way had other ideas for different tours, and I visited four separate markets in two days (something I thought would be reserved for India). While each market was a pleasant array of colours, sounds and crowds, I felt these over crowded streets in London were only a small test run for the infinitely more over-crowded streets of Mumbai! The real test run of India, however, did not come till a little later.

As the day wound down, Emer started to be over come by flu like symptoms, and it was hard for her to decide which end needed the toilet more. As I did my best to comfort her in any way possible, I couldn’t help feeling bad for her as I held her hair back and lucky that I hadn’t caught the same thing….. Or so I thought!

That night as I woke from sleep in a state of panic, it was I who had to leap out of bed and dash to the bathroom! The next 24 hours were a miraculous team building exercise of sharing the bathroom and bed in succession seemingly never in either the same time as the other! As I sat in a crumpled heap on the bathroom floor, I let out the cry….

“I expected this from India! Not you England! Not you!”


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