Eating Our Way Through Borough Market

One of the highlights of our time in London had to be exploring Borough Market. Food stalls full of samples! (Food, free and cheese, some of my favourite things, all in one place.)

The market was buzzing with a cool vibe. We wandered around – grabbed a glass of prosecco – and soaked it all in.


cheersing at borough market

The nose was on overload. One fantastic scent would lure you in and as you wander toward it another delicious fragrance would waft by.

colourful vegetables


And the cheese, oh my goodness, the cheese!

lancashire cheese

blue cheese

soft cheese and irish crackers

These were the largest, meatiest oysters we’d ever seen (and they were the medium sized ones).


keep calm and eat oysters poster

And that was just the sampling section. Across the way was a whole other section of food vendors squeezed in side-by-side. For an indecisive person the selection was devastatingly difficult. I made sure to look at everyone who walked by with food – judging the meal and their level of enjoyment. As my toes were starting to get a little chilly – and I didn’t want to let that dull my enjoyment – I spotted someone with a pile of potatoes topped with piping hot cheese. And that was the winner.


cheese on potatoes

Borough Market must be a repeat visit in order to sample more of the vast selection!


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