Stroll Through Portobello Market

Saturday morning started with a short walk over to see the famous Portobello Market. Grey weather worked in our favour as the usually thick crowds started out thinner than predicted. Stalls stuffed to the brim with goods ranging from lace, furs, tea cups and other trinkets flanked each side of the road.

antiques at portabello road in London England

The antiques carrying a strong sense of nostalgia for a time that feels familiar through BBC shows, period movies, and books read ages ago.

margaret thatcher figureine from portabello road antique market

As we moved farther along the road the crowds grew steadily around us – it seemed like good training for the busy roads waiting for us in India. Even so, there was only so much we could take before about facing and meandering our way back to the top.

portabello road market london england


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